Quotes and reservations

Our prices are based on the duration of the assignment per day. We will send you a quote for a total price in response to your individual enquiry, which will include the following services and fees:

Flying hour rate, start-up fee and ancillary flight charges

tabletAncillary flight charges

  • For two-day flights, we will charge a lump sum for pilots and overnight stay.
  • For flights that include days of aircraft downtime, we will charge a fee for the days of downtime or will offer you the trip as two one-way flights.
  • Landing, handling, approach and departure fees
  • The following fees may be included in the quote if determinable beforehand: Any costs potentially incurred for late dispatch, traffic authorization or other separate airport and country fees.

Service offered free of charge:

Catering provided by delicatessen stores and top restaurants – depending on the time of day and number of passengers – with coffee/tea, large selection of soft drinks, champagne, top wines and spirits.

Potential additional charges

taxiAdditional charges may be incurred due to de-icing or a delay in departure times, which may result in additional airport or overnight stay costs that could not be anticipated upon preparation of the quote.

Our quotes are made subject to the availability of the offered aircraft, crew, technology and all traffic authorizations . Please note our General Terms and Conditions.

We can fly to around 2,000 airports in Europe and North Africa – to most of them without stopover. With one fuel stop only, we can fly from Central Europe to destinations in the Middle East, e.g. Beirut, Tel Aviv, Cairo, or the Canary Islands and Madeira.


On this map, you can roughly estimate how long your flight will take. Move the starting point to your designated place of departure.: Launch Map

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