We do not strive for grandeur, but for quality. Therefore, we do not need many employees, but the best employees.

We expect you to be able to work independently with full responsibility in your field for the entire company. Criticism is not a taboo – internal criticism brings us forward – but only if it is constructive and followed by a proposal for solution. Everything else is lamenting, which impedes the company and all of your colleagues in their development.

Those who venture a lot also make mistakes. You can learn from mistakes – but we expect you not to make the same mistake twice. Therefore, you must be able to accept criticism and see criticism as an incentive to do it better the next time.

We expect economic thinking and high cost awareness from each employee – because we want to invest our money into the best service for our customers – and the rest should be earmarked for everybody as a good profit. We expect you to think strategically and not stick to the existing – nowhere else do things change as quickly as in the private aviation industry. And we expect you to have a good sense of humour….otherwise, you will simply not enjoy your job in our company.


If you believe that you can be a big asset to our team and do not shy away from challenges, you can achieve a great deal in our company. Please exclusively use the following e-mail address to submit your application:

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Your application should include the usual CV with photo and an outline why you apply for a job in our company; how you plan to bring the company forward; what your strengths – and weaknesses – are; and what you expect for your personal development. We are also interested in your personal philosophy, your principles of life, your culture of criticism, your ideas about how to deal with colleagues and customers….try to give us an idea about your personality.