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owners„Time is possibly the most precious commodity; we believe that this commodity can be bought to a limited extent only. We loose sight of time. Take it for granted. But all of a sudden we realise that time has once again slipped through our fingers. These thoughts are running through my head when I am driving on jammed roads or rushing to the gate at complicated airports in order to be crammed like cattle. A board service according to the slogan „The opposite of good is good“ is well meant. I would have preferred simply to be able to relax after an exhausting day, maybe with a small glass of my favourite wine“.

Personal service

Today Daniela and Albrecht Flierl help people buy this little bit of time and freedom. It is easy to come up with the idea of leasing a private aircraft. But it is quite a challenge to turn this idea into reality. Where do I find a reliable contractor? How do I recognize him? How does the lease work? How do I choose from various types of aircraft on offer? Is charter the right approach? Is it maybe cheaper to buy hour packages? Speaking of buying? Should I maybe buy my own aircraft? Will it be more expensive to have an aircraft of one’s own or can I possibly make money with it? This list of questions could go on forever.

Personal commitment

In order to help people answer these questions, Daniela and Albrecht Flierl founded AirGO. Many years of experience gained in strenuous management jobs and in the use of private aircraft complement each other perfectly. The notion that people work in order to live and not live in order to work is at the forefront of our action. AirGO and its team would like to share this idea of „savoir vivre“ with its passengers.

„We are particularly happy about the fact that we managed to make our business partners our friends. This is an evidence of trust and commitment. As your friend, we strive to exceed your expectations.“


Daniela & Albrecht Flierl

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