The Difference

AirGO is specialized in operating the most modern and efficient aircraft on the market of light and midsize jets. An aircraft so unique that you can’t classify it as a jet or turboprop – it’s a class of its own: the Piaggio Avanti. Faster than a light jet, a stand-up cabin roomy and comfortable like a midsize jet, but with the price tag of a turboprop. Today AirGO operates the biggest Piaggio Avanti fleet in Europe.

We do not „promise you the moon“: „Flying any time to any airport“? You can read this quite often. But this does not necessarily apply to private jets

Travelling in comfort

We help people in Europe travel fast, conveniently and in a personal atmosphere, no matter whether they fly for personal or business reasons. Our aircraft fleet is therefore available at more and more central destinations in Europe. The passenger is not only our customer – he is our guest.


Business in Europe is continuously growing closer together. More and more people live and travel all over Europe. With its modern and efficient aircraft fleet, AirGO would like to offer companies and the business traveller the benefits of fly-on-demand at an excellent price-comfort ratio.

The rules of the game

a-service-01Everybody who is involved in air traffic must comply with slot regulations to the greatest possible extent. A private jet may, for example, be delayed due to weather or traffic conditions. And the regulations governing pilot work hours also apply to the pilots operating our aircraft. For your safety, we are not allowed to and never will exceed these maximum work hours at AirGO.


a-service-02It is correct, however, that there are no slot restrictions yet at many airports that general aviation flights can go to. It is also correct that a slot situation can sometimes be improved with commitment and little tricks – and this is something we will always fight for. This means that, in most cases, you are free to choose the departure time for your private flight. And if you happen to be late, we will not fly without you, of course. But bear in mind that there might be a connecting flight which prohibits delaying the flight indefinitely and at will. The next passenger is also entitled to flying on time.